why chastity belts?

Why do people wear chastity belts? Do they really work? These are THE most asked questions in e-mails that I recieve from folks all over the world. This page attempting to answer these and other common questions about stainless steel chastity belts, made for serious and long term wear.

SM-factory promotion video

SM Factory is a german company making beautiful steel collars and cuffs. Watch the video to learn more about their products and visit their website if you like what you see.

Rigidcuff 'time release cuffs'

Rigidcuff has announced new 'time release wrist shackles' which will be available in November of 2009. These shackles incorporate a computer programmable key and lock which limits the opening of the shackles to a pre-determined time schedule.

deprivation hood from fetters

Fetters introduced a new - most mind blowing headtrip - hood. This hood is based upon a modified LH25 Heavy Duty but with more padding and an extended neck collar.

man cut free from 'S&M' chastity belt by firemen

Firefighters had to cut a man out of a titanium chastity belt intended for sex games last week. Crews from Kingston fire station were called to the red-faced man's home in Ham at about 11pm on June 27 after he had spent all day trying to free himself from the device. It took about 45 minutes for firefighters to release the man, believed to be in his 40s, from the structure. By this time he had slipped in and out of consciousness due to the pressure of the chastity belt on his genitals.

woman's chastity belt set off airport security alarm

When a 40-year old British woman set off a metal detector alarm at Athens airport, bemused security staff found that it was caused by a chastity belt she was wearing, officials said Friday, confirming a press report.
"It happened a few days before Christmas. The metal detector went off and after a further check we found out she was wearing a chastity belt," airport police official Dimitris Tzouvaras told AFP, confirming a report in the daily newspaper To Vima.

chastity belt-maker zips lips at Durban show

The award-winning jewellery company that made the world's most expensive chastity belt is exhibiting at Indaba tourism expo in Durban.

The R160 000 gold, pearl and diamond encrusted belt was made with two padlocks - and it is not the only thing that is sealed.