types of chastity devices

dream lover electrifies steelwerks chastity device

The Alchemist is a male chastity device that has it all, but of one the key factors this cage had was the integration of the Dream Lover Labs Dreamlover 2000, a male management system that allows the key holder to have maximum control over his or her sub, even when not in the same country! The capabilities of this device are endless.

steel chastity devices

Steel chastity devices can add another dimension to your (sexual) life. When locked up in a steel chastity device escape is impossible. You are under total control of your keyholder and you can only get relieve if your keyholder lets you. Steel chastity devices are less comfortable to wear than more flexible leather devices. You will get used to it and learn to coap with your device. Most steel chastity devices are designed for long term wear.