female chastity

to whom it may concern

My name is Beth, I'm thirty-three years old, and I used to be overweight, but I am finally close to losing the last of the extra fifty pounds of weight I carried. Previously I had dieted and joined gyms, only to meet with failure. I didn't stick with the plan, didn't keep going to the gym, and didn't lose the weight. Doing so required discipline I didn't possess. Because I am a sexual submissive and masochist, I came to the realization that I needed a Master. After an exhaustive search, I finally found one. The following documents the progress I've made, while under his control.

marla's new life

Editor's note: this story is a continuation of two prior stories by a different author: harry's demise and the taking of sue.

fancy steel chastity belts

Great movie showing how these great looking chastity belts are manufactured.

unintentional contract

The week had been a busy one, with the year coming to a close soon. It was this time of year Jessica dreaded the most, but felt the most relief when over. She was a very successful CEO of a large business, no husband, no family, and a large house in the better part of town. The opportunities for a relationship were there, but she preferred to be on her own. Knowing when she got home from work, it was just her to herself meant a lot to her. She valued that freedom, and wouldn't give it up for anything.

heavy steel chastity belt

Then check out the Heavy Line from German chastity belt manufacturer my-steel. This chastity belt is manufactured from heavy stainless steel with a thickness of 6mm. Due to material thickness deforming is not possible. The surface is polished and the individual parts are connected with stainless steel pins. The wear comfort is ensured with a unique ergonomic waist style, which is ajustable in the waist (+- 6cm).

more dungeon fun

Last weekend Carol and I played in our basement "dungeon" again. Carol told me Thursday night that she had a new "accessory" that she wanted to try out on me, but she wouldn't say what it was. I had an idea that it might involve the wooden captain's chair she had purchased at a garage sale the weekend before. The chair was badly scratched and need of refinishing, but that hadn't mattered to Carol. She said that it was good and sturdy and that's all that really counted.

who dares

Ann eased herself into the steaming hot bath, a much-needed tension breaker. As she lay there swirling the scented waters over her tired and aching body, Ann began to think of ways to enjoy a long week-end. Her favorite idea was to think of a Dare for Carol. Even though the game was one they had played since college, lately it had been taking some decidedly kinky turns.

april and jenny's bet

My roommate, Jenny, and I were without plans one Friday night so we spent the evening drinking margaritas and playing around the Internet. We stumbled across a chastity belt site and were both pretty surprised that such things still existed. For the next several hours we looked at photos and read stories and talked about these things. Finally, after enough margaritas, we decided we would order one. Since we are both about the same size we could order one belt that would fit either of us.

agi's full chastity suite

She was surprised at how little the box weighed; the display suit she had tried on all those months ago had been much heavier than this box. Of course her suit would fit much closer, the result of several sessions of being set in plaster to form a mannequin of exactly her proportions.

It had all started when she let slip to Paul that she really liked the 'Chrome Woman' illustrations popular in sci-fi illustrations a few years previous. The way that the breasts reflected the light and the androgynous look of the robot women really proved a turn on for Agi.