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female chastity

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weekend get-away

We made plans for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday three day get-away, so Thursday night we started getting our plans in order. Aside from packing our clothes, we packed a large assortment of toys and private clothes for all of our "inside time". We decided that we would each get a full 24 hour period to be both Top and bottom, all that was left was to decide who got to go first! With a simple toss of the coin, you choose heads and win, getting to choose that you will bottom first and that the day will "begin" at 8AM on Friday.


Lots of free pictures of girls in chastity belt and links to related websites.

the dance

Over the months she had learned to walk steadily, smoothly, and even fairly gracefully, despite the thigh bands and chains, despite the extended-toe ballet boots, even with her hands thrust into the pockets of her jacket, held by chains to the broad steel belt of her hidden chastity device.


Nice shop with some great steel toys (cuffs, collars and chastity devices).

permanent chastity

Permanent chastity is probably the most intense kind of chastity play. Being permanently trapped in a chastity belts is a staple of chastity fantasy fiction. Only very few people are actually able and willing to practice this kind of lifestyle. As the title implies: it's irreversible. At least without destroying your chastity device. It's difficult to understand why someone would choose to get locked up permanently.

diana's introduction

I felt very down, although I should have been happy. With hard work I had achieved a scholarship to cover the fees. I had gotten all my classes. My schedule actually left me with Tuesdays and Thursdays free, in addition to the weekend. And, I had even gotten a single room! But somehow thinking of how well registration had gone didn't help, and I knew why.
I still couldn't bring myself to get a boyfriend again. That last encounter with Charley still made me shiver.


I can't remember the first time I dreamt of submitting to someone, nor can I recall any experience that might have precipitated that dream. That dream has followed me around: I just haven't been able to make it come true. I recall the first time I read that knights in the Middle Ages used to lock their ladies in chastity belts whenever they left for the Crusades (whatever Crusades were). Later I found out what Crusades were and that the story about the chastity belts was pretty well nonsense. At the time, though, I imagined I was one of those ladies who, with her heart thumping and her breasts heaving, gave her knight the key, and with it her own self. I just never reflected on why I had this particular fantasy. In fact I never took account of why I had certain very specific fantasies, and I avoided thinking about whether mine were any different from those of most other people.

cynetta's chastity belt

"Cynetta, I've given this, A LOT of thought. I want you to get a chastity belt..., for yourself."

"Why? You know that I'd never fool around with other women, Karen."

"I trust you there. I want it to insure you can no longer do unlady-like things with what's still between your legs. Despite your promises not to play with yourself, I know you still do. Don't lie to me about it either. You do and I know it."

securing sarah

I saw her face light up as she took the handcuffs from the rack and turned them over in her hand.

I said, "You look like you've used those before."

She smiled. "They remind me of a boyfriend I had in college. I spent quite a few hours in them then. It was fun, but that was as kinky as it got."

wendy's woes

Over the last couple of years Wendy had began to uncover her fetish side. She always thought that bondage and the like were too bizarre and anyone who would participate in such activities was nuts.