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female chastity

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cindy, the belted nymphomaniac

This fictitious short story is about female-female domination and the forced use of a chastity belt. Please write us if you have comments or ideas for new stories. If you are a female and this story excites you, I would love to hear about it.

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The Advert
‘Damn’ Janine put down the paper, yet again, there were no jobs that she deemed herself suitable for.

To make it worse, the rent was due in less than two weeks and she had no money to pay it. ‘Shit’ she muttered. ‘There’s got to be something’. She picked up the paper again and flicked through the pages. Moving from the Jobs section she read across to the small ads.

chaste & tattooed

My name is Danielle Dean and I am 27 years old. I am a graphic illustrator and comic book artist by trade. At least I was, and I hope to get back to it soon. But there is a lot of work to be done, a lot of things to be taken care of before I can think about that again.

Corrie Russell

Corrie Russell, a woman who went out and got herself locked in a steel belt with no means of exit except destroying the belt.

More information:
re-creation of corrie's original website


She gathered together her willpower and cut into the box labeled "Old things" in black marker. Xi knew that the contents were Anna's before she had even opened the flaps in the dim attic light. She pulled out old sweaters and dresses. Ugh! Last decade's styles... She had never seen these clothes before. Anna must have brought this box straight to the attic when she moved in. She set the clothes neatly to the side. She couldn't send this stuff to the Salvation Army. If Anna had saved it, it must have meant something to her. And if Anna returned one day...

big mistake

Renee inched forward on her desk chair until she was only just sitting on the edge of its seat. It put strain on her legs and lower back but the movement gave her temporary relief from the metal plate of the chastity belt pressing against her shaven vulva. She glanced at the clock and sighed. It was only 5:15. Paul would be another half hour at least.

She willed the clock to speed faster: not because she awaited Paul's arrival with pleasure but because her nightly interlude with him was her only respite from the constant discomfort of his metallic "insurance policy".


I tried to move my arm to relieve the stress in my shoulders, but my wrists were firmly secured behind my back to the top of the cage, and there they would be staying for a while. I would love to be able to stretch out my legs, but my knees were pressed tightly up against my naked breasts, and with the bottom of the cage under my folded up legs there was no room for any movement.

the thrill of the chaste

At the age of twenty-one, Sandra had become interested in chastity belts. She'd read that you could get modern ones - light, but strong and not too cumbersome- and totally effective. Why the idea intrigued her she wasn't sure - it was a terribly humiliating thing for a girl to have to wear; so maybe she just wanted to humiliate herself by wearing one. She fantasized about wearing a chastity belt so much, that eventually she took herself off to a shop she'd heard of that supplied them. Fortunately the fantasy shop was quiet; she took a quick look round then approached the girl at the counter.

hidden treasures

It had been a month since Erica's great aunt had passed away. She and Erica had been quite close so it was no surprise when her will decreed that her entire estate be left with Erica. Erica was only 26 at the time and was one of the few blood relatives still alive at the time of her aunt's departure. She had been interning for a software company in Ohio during her junior and senior year at college and had hired in full time a mere 3 months ago. She and her boss had a great working relationship and usually hung out after work together.

the assistant

Early on I realized I was different from the other girls, I didn't like the boys, I liked the girls. Now living in a small town did not offer many opportunities for a 5'10 lesbian, so I headed for Los Angeles with hopes and a great job waiting for me. I gradually worked my way to the top of the food chain at one local bar called Ladies Night. Everyone knew me and I had my choice of the young ladies to use, and use and discard them I did. Many a young ladies panties were lost to me.