long-term chastity

This tag is used for classifying information regarding the long-term use of chastity devices.

3D printed, custom chastity devices

3D printing is now used for creating custom sized chastity devices. 3D design comes together with state of the art production methods to produce a fully custom chastity device at mass-production prices.

fancy steel chastity belts

Great movie showing how these great looking chastity belts are manufactured.

dreamlover chrono vault

If you don't have a key-holder, or (s)he lives at great distance? Dreamlover now offers a great solution: the Chrono Vault, an Internet controlled key-safe.


Tickleberry is a proud to be a Woman-owned organization, and much more than just a fetish retailer. In their Products section you will find their complete range of highest quality and often exclusive products for which Tickleberry has become so well known both in the UK and around the World.

keyholder solutions

Do you wear a chastity belt but haven't got a keyholder? Are you looking for a way to safely secure your belt for a preset time and have no chance of release during that time? You've tried leaving keys at work, leaving them miles away, posting them to yourself. They sort of work but they're crude and risky and you want something better. If a keyholder is not an option then look beneath. Maybe you'll find a solution for you.

permanent chastity

Permanent chastity is probably the most intense kind of chastity play. Being permanently trapped in a chastity belts is a staple of chastity fantasy fiction. Only very few people are actually able and willing to practice this kind of lifestyle. As the title implies: it's irreversible. At least without destroying your chastity device. It's difficult to understand why someone would choose to get locked up permanently.

internet controlled key safe

Check out MyKeySafe.com. These safes are made to be opened remotely from anywhere that has an internet connection. With this system you are able to give/offer your keys to other dominant users and they can control your safes locking/unlocking remotely. If you do not have a KeyHolder you are able to use Strict Mistress, a computer algorithm, that will control your safe.

dutch mistress offering keyholder services

Mistress Lauretta - living in the Netherlands - is offering chastity training services. Follow the link to her website to learn more about this fascinating mistress and about the great services she's offering.


There are different kinds of chastity devices. Some of them just for playing chastity games, others for serious long term wear. On this page we will show you the different kind of chastity devices that exist.

  • leather chastity belts
    Some of you just want to enjoy innocent chastity games. In that case you probably want to use chastity devices which are comfortable to wear. Leather belts will probably be your best choice.
  • steel chastity devices