male chastity

dream lover electrifies steelwerks chastity device

The Alchemist is a male chastity device that has it all, but of one the key factors this cage had was the integration of the Dream Lover Labs Dreamlover 2000, a male management system that allows the key holder to have maximum control over his or her sub, even when not in the same country! The capabilities of this device are endless.

evotion wearables

Chastity devices manufactured by 3D printing.

3D printed, custom chastity devices

3D printing is now used for creating custom sized chastity devices. 3D design comes together with state of the art production methods to produce a fully custom chastity device at mass-production prices.

fancy steel chastity belts

Great movie showing how these great looking chastity belts are manufactured.

dreamlover 2000

"Dream Lover" is a term often used to describe the ideal male: but how many women can claim to actually own such a prized possession?

heavy steel chastity belt

Then check out the Heavy Line from German chastity belt manufacturer my-steel. This chastity belt is manufactured from heavy stainless steel with a thickness of 6mm. Due to material thickness deforming is not possible. The surface is polished and the individual parts are connected with stainless steel pins. The wear comfort is ensured with a unique ergonomic waist style, which is ajustable in the waist (+- 6cm).

male chastity 'do it yourself' tips

Are you ready to take your first steps into male chastity, but have no idea where to start? Don't worry! Here are some tips and tricks on how you can start making love better than you ever have with this male chastity DIY guide!

introducing your partner to keyholding

Before introducing the idea of chastity to your loved one you need to realise that the journey into chastity should be one of mutual benefits and not just to simply satisfy your own fantasy of being dominated. Chastity can bring something new and very exciting to your sexual repertoire which can extend into every day situations other than just the bedroom. But it is essential that you introduce your chastity desires in a way which will appeal to your wife, girlfriend, or lover. It must not be about you forcing, pushing or cohersing the idea to have your own fetish needs met.