male chastity

letter from a husband to his wife

This article is about a letter from a husband to his wife, to share his fascination about wearing a chastity device for his wife. The article was found in a forum. We decided to publish it on our website becasue of the informational value of it. If you also have a problem telling your wife about your secret fantasy, maybe you can use the information in this article.

buying a chastity device

This is a generic guide and covers most options for most Trapped Ball style Chastity Devices.

The purchase of a chastity device is a very personal decision and it is important to give some consideration to a number of matters before you buy. This includes the material it’s made of, cage and ring size, whether or not you’re circumcised, and ease of staying fresh and clean for your Mistress.

get to know your new chastity device

What to do when you get your new device?
When you receive your new chastity device it’s worth spending a little time getting to know it. After all, you’re about to become very close indeed!

wearing a chastity device: how does it feel?

Wearing a chastity device – what's it like?
Physically the first thing you notice when you wear a chastity device is that it adds some extra weight to your penis. This can seem a little unusual at first. Not painful, just different.

It also means that your penis is pulled downwards a little more than normal. After a while it can feel very comfortable, once you’ve got used to wearing it you’ll soon come to enjoy the physical sensations of your confinement, even the beginnings of an erection will remind you of your loving keyholder.


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man cut free from 'S&M' chastity belt by firemen

Firefighters had to cut a man out of a titanium chastity belt intended for sex games last week. Crews from Kingston fire station were called to the red-faced man's home in Ham at about 11pm on June 27 after he had spent all day trying to free himself from the device. It took about 45 minutes for firefighters to release the man, believed to be in his 40s, from the structure. By this time he had slipped in and out of consciousness due to the pressure of the chastity belt on his genitals.