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get to know your new chastity device

What to do when you get your new device?
When you receive your new chastity device it’s worth spending a little time getting to know it. After all, you’re about to become very close indeed!

wearing a chastity device: how does it feel?

Wearing a chastity device – what's it like?
Physically the first thing you notice when you wear a chastity device is that it adds some extra weight to your penis. This can seem a little unusual at first. Not painful, just different.

It also means that your penis is pulled downwards a little more than normal. After a while it can feel very comfortable, once you’ve got used to wearing it you’ll soon come to enjoy the physical sensations of your confinement, even the beginnings of an erection will remind you of your loving keyholder.


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keyholder finder

Great website with information about chastity belts and keyholder solutions.

Nice shop with some great steel toys (cuffs, collars and chastity devices).

keyholder solutions

Do you wear a chastity belt but haven't got a keyholder? Are you looking for a way to safely secure your belt for a preset time and have no chance of release during that time? You've tried leaving keys at work, leaving them miles away, posting them to yourself. They sort of work but they're crude and risky and you want something better. If a keyholder is not an option then look beneath. Maybe you'll find a solution for you.