morti wiki

Informative wiki website about chastity belts.

hired help

Hired Help is a 53 hapter story. To read the whole story, just follow this link.

dutch mistress offering keyholder services

Mistress Lauretta - living in the Netherlands - is offering chastity training services. Follow the link to her website to learn more about this fascinating mistress and about the great services she's offering.

why do people wear chastity belts?

This has to be the one question that I am asked most often in emails sent to me. But, there is no one simple answer. Like most questions there are MANY correct answers. And for different people what is a valid reason to wear a Chastity Belt may not be a valid reason for someone else.

why chastity belts?

Why do people wear chastity belts? Do they really work? These are THE most asked questions in e-mails that I recieve from folks all over the world. This page attempting to answer these and other common questions about stainless steel chastity belts, made for serious and long term wear.