There are different kinds of chastity devices. Some of them just for playing chastity games, others for serious long term wear. On this page we will show you the different kind of chastity devices that exist.

  • leather chastity belts
    Some of you just want to enjoy innocent chastity games. In that case you probably want to use chastity devices which are comfortable to wear. Leather belts will probably be your best choice.
  • steel chastity devices
    If you are into a more intense experience or get a kick out of being locked up for longer periods of time, you will enjoy steel chastity devices.
  • chastity piercing
    Piercings can also be used for chastity purposes. If you enjoy piercings you can combine those with chastity play.

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Depending on the period you want to be locked up in your chastity devices, there's also the following categorisation: