1. the butterflies

    This story starts out like many other stories in the bedroom. My fascination with force chastity started 6 years ago. I wanted to spice up the bedroom and thought getting a PA was one way of doing this. She was NOT impressed! But I liked the piercing. So I got more, I did all myself. At one point I had 48, all on my lower half. Just my genitals 48. But I wanted an even 50. That never happened, I know that this was excessive. As much as a understatement as that sounds. It is what it is. So I removed all but a few. The one that will never heal shut is the PA.

  2. to whom it may concern

    My name is Beth, I'm thirty-three years old, and I used to be overweight, but I am finally close to losing the last of the extra fifty pounds of weight I carried. Previously I had dieted and joined gyms, only to meet with failure. I didn't stick with the plan, didn't keep going to the gym, and didn't lose the weight. Doing so required discipline I didn't possess. Because I am a sexual submissive and masochist, I came to the realization that I needed a Master. After an exhaustive search, I finally found one. The following documents the progress I've made, while under his control.

  3. locked up for life

    Amy just could not believe it-her husband, fooling around? But there he was coming out of the downtown hotel with a woman! Amy was furious and knew she was going to have to do something. But what? Whatever it was, she smiled cruelly to herself, she would make sure it was something he would never forget.

  4. marla's new life

    Editor's note: this story is a continuation of two prior stories by a different author: harry's demise and the taking of sue.
  5. fantasy versus reality

    The fantasy world and real life never seem to align. As much as I looked forward to acting out my deepest desires, at this moment I wish I had never started. Very quickly let me begin with a brief synopsis of the things for which I had wished. I wanted to be a slave to a beautiful, domineering woman. I wanted to serve in chastity and provide all of my mistress's sexual and domestic needs. Unfortunately, for me, whereas I had always masturbated to such detailed thoughts, there were no such guarantees when reality took its hold.

  6. meeting mary

    Sitting at work a few weeks before my vacation, I tried to think of something to do on my time off. Many ideas came to mind, but none that I could remotely work out. I want to have fun yet explore so new things. I looked around on the internet for something that excited me. My mind kept drifting toward sex, as did my searches. I came across an interesting adult site that offers free personals, so I decided to put one of my own there.

  7. unforgettable is right

    I suppose this is another one of those cautionary tales but hear me out; I really never knew this was coming. I have had a fantasy about chastity (and domination and spanking too for that matter) for as long as I can remember. I married Sarah when we were both in our mid twenties. She is a very good looking woman and I knew how lucky I was. She was nearly totally vanilla in the sex department but would, very occasionally use a few scarves to tie my hands to the headboard and tease me a bit. It was very exciting at first but, usually, after about 10 minutes or so of teasing, she would free me and we would make love in a fairly conventional way.

  8. taking full control

    This is a true story and chronicles events that began three years ago. My husband and I are both professionals at different companies but I am on the fast track to upper level executive management while he is in a technical specialty with no desire for upward advancement. It was suggested by a good friend that I write about what started three years ago but in the interest of anonymity I have chosen a pseudonym and have included little specific personal information that would add to plot development - this is not fiction. We are happy with our marriage but it is a bit different to say the least.

  9. unintentional contract

    The week had been a busy one, with the year coming to a close soon. It was this time of year Jessica dreaded the most, but felt the most relief when over. She was a very successful CEO of a large business, no husband, no family, and a large house in the better part of town. The opportunities for a relationship were there, but she preferred to be on her own. Knowing when she got home from work, it was just her to herself meant a lot to her. She valued that freedom, and wouldn't give it up for anything.

  10. just one of the boys

    At 23 I had it all. A good job, a good body and a rich girlfriend. Then I had to go and fuck it all up and now I'm paying the price.

    I met Lisa not long after I got out of the army. The six year stint I'd done had made me pretty fit and I didn't have much trouble picking up women almost anytime I wanted them. I liked my job at a construction company (still do), it was hard work and outdoors but that's what I liked about it. Working out three times a week kept me fit as well.