1. metal mia

    The Sleaze thrashed away at their instruments. In the unlikely setting of a church hall, the band of four guys pumped out their own noisy thrash metal tunes to the few hundred teenagers in the audience, mostly guys. They were getting into the music, but it wasn't the music they were there for.

    A girl walked slowly onto the stage, moving to the music, clearly a part of the show. She appeared to be wearing nothing but a short, black PVC trench coat and black stiletto shoes. She was very attractive, her long black hair flowing over her coat.

  2. the joke

    Jason had already left for his office when Abby awoke and realized that she was still locked in that contraption Jason had put on her the night before. It was shiny stainless steel that was neoprene lined next to her skin. In their sex play Abby had already tried to get out of the contraption and found she couldn't without unlocking it. The probe in Abby's cunt was stimulating her without giving her any satisfaction. Jason had installed that the second time Abby had permitted herself to be locked up, after first trying the belt on to see how it fit.

  3. a third party

    My wife, Gina, is a tall redhead with long sculpted legs. Her body is to die for. She's naturally domineering, which is a pity, because I'm naturally domineering as well. She's a banker and I'm a lawyer and our characters and professions demand that each of us be "A" type personalities. Neither of us takes well to being told what to do. This has caused some problems in our life. Especially with our sex life - each of us wants to top the other. It's caused problems, but we've figured out how to satisfy our mutual needs to control the other.

  4. weekend get-away

    We made plans for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday three day get-away, so Thursday night we started getting our plans in order. Aside from packing our clothes, we packed a large assortment of toys and private clothes for all of our "inside time". We decided that we would each get a full 24 hour period to be both Top and bottom, all that was left was to decide who got to go first! With a simple toss of the coin, you choose heads and win, getting to choose that you will bottom first and that the day will "begin" at 8AM on Friday.

  5. first date

    I first met Her through a mutual friend. Somewhere in our conversation that afternoon the subject turned to why men prefer driving around lost, instead of asking for directions.

    Then She summed it up, "It's because most men know they are not intelligent enough to follow any instructions given to them." "So why ask?" Continuing..."All men need a Woman to teach them about following instructions. I find using a sharp reminder works in 'training' them. If he is one of those that doesn't listen, you need to get his attention with a good stinging smack across his ass"

  6. innocence locked

    I thought I had it made. I was new in the city and answered an ad for a houseboy. With no job, yet, and no place to stay, this seemed ideal. Donna seemed to know what she wanted, but when she got more demanding, I decided that it was still a good deal. I was to stay in her condo and clean. That was it. No friends, no visitors, no phone calls. Computer was OK to use.

  7. the belt

    I guess this all began around this time two years ago. We were all at a beach party having a clambake celebrating my friend Gina's birthday. It was just around two years since we all graduated from college and we hadn't had a chance to all be together. It was nice for the "old gang" to be able to sit around and reminisce about frat parties and old professors that had thankfully bit the big one, never again to torture another student with a fifty page term paper.

  8. oh, my karin -- part III

    Robbie finished wiping the kitchen baseboards excitedly, even though his knees were hurting from being so bent over. There- the kitchen was in tip-top order. He was so excited. What a sweetheart Karin is! She was so upset with him, giving him a number of demerits for screwing up the kitchen chores and breaking crockery. Robbie had to have a hundred thousand positive points by the first of the week to jerk off to orgasm and he had to have a million positive points accrued - with no negative to counterbalance them - to be able to screw Karin on his wedding night in June. And then there would be no more terrible, painful Thimble - the prison of his unhappy erection. Robbie had really messed up this afternoon, but Karin was so nice, she was going to allow Robbie to do some other kind of "penance" to make up for his transgressions, and then he could jerk off, not even waiting til Monday! Robbie might be cumming tonight!

  9. oh, my karin -- part II

    Karin hugged Robbie, pressing her boobs against him, giving him a long tongue kiss, and then pulled him into the apartment.. "Let's shut the door, honey, I'm not really dressed." A tall guy in the apartment across the hall came out to get his newspaper, and caught Karin's eye. Karin stepped back, and Robbie saw what she meant -- she was wearing a violet bustier, her cleavage practically bursting out of it... this was usual of course when he came to see Karin. She didn't seem upset that the guy across the hall noticed -- She smiled at him "Hey Greg... nice bathrobe." The guy, a big dark haired guy, about three inches taller than Robbie, winked at her "You like it, Karin? I got it went back to the Opp Shop, check out the back." The guy turned around and Karen and Robbie read on the back of the fluffy white robe that it had belonged to "Caeser's Palace", and this written in gold letters. "This is Robbie, my fiancee, Greg."

  10. oh, my karin

    She was so beautiful, staring at him, annoyed. Karin's blonde hair swept back, and her chest surged in the little white-on white tube top that looked as if it might collapse any moment over her 38D breasts. Her cleavage was bulging as she argued with Robbie.