1. her power

    Jarol was a strong, handsome young man. As the son of the village chieftain, he was learning to be a good, honest, and fair leader. The village elders all agreed that Jarol would, someday, make a good chief. Not that they were in a hurry to lose Jarol's father, but..., well, that's another story.

    Today, Jarol was working on the irrigation ditches. In truth, this system had been his idea, and it promised to improve the harvest by at least half. He was working on the part that controlled how much water was being sent to the fields. It was tricky getting it just right, so the fields wouldn't be flooded out. So he did not hear the sorceress approach.

  2. totally helpless

    It all started about 10 years ago. One Friday night I was in a bar in the city where I live, when I noticed that the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen was looking at me across the room. I could hardly believe it, but before I knew it she walked over and started talking to me. I was still thinking "What's wrong with this picture?" when she suggested we go to a nearby hotel.

  3. the simple bet

    Linda and I had been married for nearly fourteen years when we first started playing with it. We had fallen into a comfortable rut in our sex life. More often than not we were too tired or too busy with our own interests or projects to make the time or energy for each other. I had taken to masturbating whenever the whim struck, rather than impose on her, and I suspect she was doing the same. If we were being intimate even once a month I would have been surprised.

  4. locked by lily

    Tom sat motionless on the solid timber, Gothic styled chair while Lily added more ropes about his arms and up behind his shoulders, further immobilizing him to the point where any torso movement was not possible. Escape was already out of the question, plus, there was the small matter that he was very much looking forward to what would soon be happening to him.

  5. surrender to my wife

    My wife, Sue, and I had and still have a happy marriage. While not particularly affluent, we both had passable jobs, were satisfied with life and still loved each other.

    The changes started one evening a few weeks before Christmas. Our lovemaking had been almost ferocious, with love-bites, gentle slaps and an atmosphere like a wrestling match. Both of us were highly aroused and aggressive, but the climax occurred as we did a sixty-nine with her on top.

  6. the chastity belt story

    Wearing the chastity belt for a year had been harder to bear than I'd expected. I mean, I was skeptical about it when she first suggested it, saying that she wanted me to wear it for a year to demonstrate my devotion to her, but as she slowly talked me into it I managed to convince myself that it couldn't be all that bad, especially since I'd know it would be removed eventually. I hadn't realized how frustrated I could get, or that frustration could actually drive me to tears.

  7. life budgeted

    My husband and I made a prenuptial agreement, wherein I would control his orgasms for the remainder of his life. During our engagement, I had him locked up in a chastity belt the entire time. His masturbation days were over.

  8. the birthday present

    I have been married to my wife for thirteen years now, and about five years ago we started to fool around with chastity play. The first device was the CB-3000, later we got a CB-6000, and most recently the Birdlock.

    At first my wife was reluctant, about the whole chastity thing, she did not understand what could be gained by such activities, and quite frankly it mystified her, but she tried it for my sake, and quickly found that there were many things to be gained by such sex games.

  9. craigslist slave

    "Master Seeks Slave," the headline read. It seemed simple enough, and I was curious and bored, so I clicked to see the description.

    I trolled around craigslist occasionally to see what sort of things people were into. It was so much better than looking at classifieds in the newspaper because sometimes people were able to give very long descriptions, and just occasionally they became fantasies for me. It occurred to me, though, that no woman who was posting on craigslist could possibly be as beautiful as she described herself, and I thought that if I responded I would be talking to some pathetic loser who couldn't get a date outside the internet. The irony of my thinking they were losers for posting, when I would be the one responding, never occurred to me.

  10. honey, we need to talk

    "You know I promised to read the disgusting materials you gave me, right? Well, I'm really put off by the idea, and if I'm going to be a dominant woman and you're submissive, then I'm going to change my mind and add new conditions. If you are truly as submissive as you make out to be, you are going to accept them as your new wedding vows. Is my submissive little husband ready to hear his new dominant wife's conditions and accept them?