get to know your new chastity device

What to do when you get your new device?
When you receive your new chastity device it’s worth spending a little time getting to know it. After all, you’re about to become very close indeed!

Your device will most likely arrive fully assembled, with the cock ring attached to the cage. Don’t take it part just yet! This is an excellent time to familiarize yourself along the following lines:

How is it assembled?
Most devices have a cage (or tube), one or more rings, and a method of attaching those to each other. Some devices also have spacers or washers to adjust the distance between the cage and the ring. Understand how these parts are fixed on your device before you take it apart. Does it have a padlock? Where does it go?

Which way does the ring fit, and how should it be put on?
Most plastic polycarbonate chastity devices have reversible rings and it doesn’t matter which way you wear them, whereas metal ones have guide pins or lugs fixed to them and only fit one way; with the pins facing away from your body.

What are the locking options?
Some devices are provided with both a padlock, and some single-use individually numbered plastic tamper evident locks. These can be purchased separately, and can be used on almost all chastity devices that are secured with a padlock. Some devices such as the Houdini, CB-2000, CB-3000, CB-3000 and the Curve only come with one key, most other chastity devices are provided with 2 keys. If the device you have is supplied with just the one key it’s really worth having another cut in case of emergencies. If you’re new device comes with just the one key ensure you know exactly where your key is before locking yourself in chastity!

How is the cage secured to the cock ring?
To secure the penis cage to the cock ring many devices employ fixing pins or posts. A fixing pin in many designs passes through the cock ring, then the cage, a padlock is passed through a hole at the end of the fixing pin to prevent it from falling out, thus holding the whole device securely together. Some devices, usually those made of metal, have fixing pins or posts welded onto the cock ring.

What are spacers and what is their purpose?
Some devices, but not all, use “spacers” or washers on the locking pin to adjust the gap between the cock ring and the cage. On the devices which employ spacers they may seem small and unimportant, but their role is key to finding the right fit. The purpose of the spacers is to create the best fitting for you in relation to the distance between the cage and the ring. Different sized spacers will give a different fit, as will using more than one.

The ideal ring and spacer size combination will be individual to you, as a guide you could aim to wear the largest possible ring for your size and the smallest spacer.

Not every chastity device will have spacers, some are designed with best fit in mind.

now you're ready to wear your new chastity device
Once you’ve studied how your device fits together, and you understand the role of the individual components you’re ready to fit your new chastity device. You may find it best to give it a good clean first. Anti-bacterial soap and water is good, and hygiene can be improved upon by following with a specially formulated cleaner such as Eros Clean for Men which will disinfect and has antimicrobial action to combat bacteria, viruses and fungus.

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