1. woman's chastity belt set off airport security alarm

    When a 40-year old British woman set off a metal detector alarm at Athens airport, bemused security staff found that it was caused by a chastity belt she was wearing, officials said Friday, confirming a press report.
    "It happened a few days before Christmas. The metal detector went off and after a further check we found out she was wearing a chastity belt," airport police official Dimitris Tzouvaras told AFP, confirming a report in the daily newspaper To Vima.

  2. locked in steel movie on kinkacademy.com

    LockedInSteel is manufacturer of beautifull stainless steel chastity belts and cuffs. Watch a movie about LockedInSteel on KinkAcademy.com. Jillian - owner of 'Locked in Steel' - speaks about her products with great enthusiasm.

    Do you want to share your experience about LockedInSteel? Feel free to send us an e-mail or leave a comment belowd.

  3. chastity belt websites

    On the Internet you can find plenty of websites about chastity(play) and chastity devices. Some sites offer great content while visiting others is a whaste of time. Many sites offer their information for free while others can only be visitied after paying a fee.

    In this article I want to share some of the best chastity sites with you. You can also find these sites by visiting our links section.

  4. heavy steel chastity belt

    Then check out the Heavy Line from German chastity belt manufacturer my-steel. This chastity belt is manufactured from heavy stainless steel with a thickness of 6mm. Due to material thickness deforming is not possible. The surface is polished and the individual parts are connected with stainless steel pins. The wear comfort is ensured with a unique ergonomic waist style, which is ajustable in the waist (+- 6cm).

  5. chastity belt-maker zips lips at Durban show

    The award-winning jewellery company that made the world's most expensive chastity belt is exhibiting at Indaba tourism expo in Durban.

    The R160 000 gold, pearl and diamond encrusted belt was made with two padlocks - and it is not the only thing that is sealed.

  6. man cut free from 'S&M' chastity belt by firemen

    Firefighters had to cut a man out of a titanium chastity belt intended for sex games last week. Crews from Kingston fire station were called to the red-faced man's home in Ham at about 11pm on June 27 after he had spent all day trying to free himself from the device. It took about 45 minutes for firefighters to release the man, believed to be in his 40s, from the structure. By this time he had slipped in and out of consciousness due to the pressure of the chastity belt on his genitals.

  7. dutch mistress offering keyholder services

    Mistress Lauretta - living in the Netherlands - is offering chastity training services. Follow the link to her website to learn more about this fascinating mistress and about the great services she's offering.

  8. chastity chat - internet radio

    Jillian from Locked in Steel has decided to do a weekly Podcast / Internet Radio / Chastity Chat using Blog Talk Radio. It is a great site with a lot of features. You can call in VIA phone or talk online for free if you have a microphone and headset on your computer. The site also has a chat client build in so that we can type in the chat room while the show is going on. I think it will have something for everyone.

  9. internet controlled key safe

    Check out MyKeySafe.com. These safes are made to be opened remotely from anywhere that has an internet connection. With this system you are able to give/offer your keys to other dominant users and they can control your safes locking/unlocking remotely. If you do not have a KeyHolder you are able to use Strict Mistress, a computer algorithm, that will control your safe.