chastity chat - internet radio

Jillian from Locked in Steel has decided to do a weekly Podcast / Internet Radio / Chastity Chat using Blog Talk Radio. It is a great site with a lot of features. You can call in VIA phone or talk online for free if you have a microphone and headset on your computer. The site also has a chat client build in so that we can type in the chat room while the show is going on. I think it will have something for everyone.

Like the classes that she teachs this is NOT going to be a Locked in Steel infomercial. This is also not a place to talk about past or current orders. This is open for all to talk about their experiences in chastity and relationships. Wearers and Keyholders are all welcome.

You can access the site following the link below. The show is classified as “Adult” so you do need to register to participate and will need to go to your account settings, options, and disable "Safe Search" so that you are able to see adult content.

You are able to listen to past shows through this web page but you are not able to listen to the live show until after the show is complete.