permanent chastity

Permanent chastity is probably the most intense kind of chastity play. Being permanently trapped in a chastity belts is a staple of chastity fantasy fiction. Only very few people are actually able and willing to practice this kind of lifestyle. As the title implies: it's irreversible. At least without destroying your chastity device. It's difficult to understand why someone would choose to get locked up permanently.

Several years ago I ran into the website of a woman wanting to be locked up permanently. Her name was corrie russell. This was the first real life permanent belt story that I'd ever heard of. And Corrie pulled it off with such style! So when I first saw her page, I felt deeply moved by Corrie's dedication to permanent chastity.

Unfortunately her site has vanished. Searching for her name doesn't result in other information regarding Corrie. We did find a reconstruct of her site, to let you also enjoy the fascinating story of this wonderfull woman.

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Corrie Russell

Comments Corrie Russell,

Thank you for recovering her website. I enjoyed the read.

I have never seen anything like that. Corrie is either crazy or a very brave pioneer. As a male it is intriguing concept that women would even choose to do something like that to themselves. I wished she had shared more of her motivation of why.

I am curious what happened to her how long did she wear the permanent CB were there complications what caused her to have the belt cut off and disappear