chastity belt-maker zips lips at Durban show

The award-winning jewellery company that made the world's most expensive chastity belt is exhibiting at Indaba tourism expo in Durban.

The R160 000 gold, pearl and diamond encrusted belt was made with two padlocks - and it is not the only thing that is sealed.

"No, we cannot tell you the wearer's name," said Johan Louw, who admitted that he and his brother-in-law, Uwe Koetter, who made the unusual headline-hitting piece of jewellery, actually did not themselves know the person's identity. Louw said the belt was made for a British-based bride and it had to be made for the wedding.

The client - presumably the intended groom - had placed the order via his South African agent who personally couriered it overseas to the customer.

When the British tabloids heard the story, they offered the jewellery firm vast amounts of money to disclose details.

"Even if we did know, we would not have considered passing on the name," said Louw.

The model selected to show off the belt was South African and "from a well-known family".

However, although Louw knew her identity, he was keeping that information to himself.

"Nelson Mandela asked us to make a brooch for the Queen when she visited a few years ago, but even that did not generate the publicity the chastity belt has," said Louw, who has a jewellery stand at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront display in Cape Town.