enforced chastity

I was in my favourite part of the country, up on the cliff looking out, the sea breeze caressing my face, my beloved motorbike gleaming in the sun. Days like today really make life worth living. A large white van pulled near the bike spoiling the view and my thought processes. Could I manage to pull a wheelie or get home without getting a speeding ticket? Pulling up the zip to my black one piece leathers it was going to be fun finding out.

I was just about to put the key in the ignition when I was grabbed from behind and a wet cloth forced over my mouth. Christ it was soaked with ether!

I woke to find myself naked, gagged, blindfolded and chains restraining my arms and legs. I used to enjoy bondage play with previous boyfriends but this was serious stuff. I struggled but after a while I realised that there was no way out.

After a while I could sense that I was not alone. I felt the chains being removed from my legs and them spread apart. Metal then encased my ankles and I was locked in some contraption which kept my legs spread wide apart. Fingers then pushed aggressively into my pussy and my clit painfully pinched.

"Just checking that there was a girl under all that masculine shit. I have always wanted to train a sex slave and you have just made my day. I am just going to measure you for your new uniform. You will get to like it!"

Things (hopefully dildo's) were painfully inserted time and time again both in my cunt and up my arse. I tried to scream out to beg him to stop but I was told to shut up and a perfect fit was necessary.

I was then flipped onto my stomach and repeatedly taken from behind. Tears of pain and anger soaked the blindfold. "You will be more pleased to see me next time. I expect you wet and horny. Do you understand?" I could only nod dumbly. "Your uniform will take six weeks to arrive, so in that time lets get you changed into something more comfortable" Another cloth soaked in ether was pushed in my face.

I awoke to find I couldn't see, found it hard to breathe and my skin felt really weird. This had to be a really bad dream. Tried to get up out of bed realising very quickly there was no bed, this wasn't a bad dream and there were chains everywhere. Right, calm down and find out what is happening.! My whole body was encased in a rubber one-piece suit, the zip at neck was padlocked to a metal collar which in turn was chained to the wall. A zip was in the crotch area, but that also had a padlock. My hands were bound in front of me with chains linking them to my ankles making walking very difficult. The footwear encasing my feet had at least six inch heels and were padlocked in place. A tight fitting rubber hood with only small breathing holes surrounded my head and a metal frame ensured that the penis gag was held securely in place.

I heard a door open, I was dragged to my feet by the collar around my neck and forced to lie over something, the fetters removed from my ankles but something else snapped shut around them again forcing my legs open. The padlock to the crotch zip was removed, the zip opened and fingers were again probing my clit and pussy. "Not wet yet!. You will learn. Tomorrow I will teach you a lesson." His penis slapped repeatedly into me, his fingers dug into me as his body shook to the power of his orgasm. Without saying anything else he jammed something hard into my pussy, closed the zip to hold it in place and secured it with the padlock. The plug in my pussy was uncomfortable to say the least; every movement reminded me it was there.

Tomorrow I would try to anticipate when he would arrive and try to become turned on, after all a lot of people would pay money to be in this situation.

I heard the door open and tried to relax. It is really hard though as the hood reduces your hearing and my arms and legs are now very stiff. I could feel that he was unlocking the padlock to the neck collar. Is the suit coming off? Yes it was! It was nice to feel cool air down my back. Stay calm. Don't anger him. The suit was pulled over my breasts, my arms were then chained above my head. The boots, then the rest of the suit were removed. "OK she's all yours" he said.

"Are you sure about this mate?" said a different male voice. "Yup, it's her birthday present and this is how she wanted it to be done".

"Let me chain her to make it easier for you to pierce her nipples and clit. Come on darling lie here". The pain was excruciating. I could not move at all as I was restrained. The hood and gag remained in place so I just sounded as if I was moaning with pleasure. "There you go mate, she's all yours" It would seem that this was true, was there no escape? The suit was put back on painfully pressing on my new body jewellery.

For a long time I was chained and encased in the rubber suit. I don't know how long I was in this silent world, but I was now beginning to enjoy the feel of the rubber and the fact that I was no longer in control of my body. In time I was looking forward to him coming, He would feed me, rub my aching limbs, and his lovemaking became less aggressive. He would play with my clit and nipple rings and I would share his orgasm. I was told that I was not talk at any time and that I would be given more freedom when my uniform arrived.

"It's here " he shouted sounding very excited. "Now you can truly be my slave. Let's clean you up"

Still gagged and blindfolded, walking slowly in the high heeled boots, I was dragged up some stairs. Again the suit was slowly removed along with the fetters and boots. The hood and gag stayed in place. Arms chained above my head, I heard water running, I was in the shower, his hands rubbing soapy water into every crack. It was great to feel clean. I wish he would remove the gag and blindfold. I was lightly restained this time as we made love.

"Stand still whilst we try it on for size"

Cold metal encircled my neck and snapped into place. My breasts were covered with cold steel also, bands of steel and chains securing them to the neck collar. A tight waist band was fitted, making breathing difficult. I could feel cold steel being place between my legs. Something hard was rammed into my pussy and held by the steel bands. I heard the click as it was locked into place. Other restraints were attached to my arms and legs. "Right walk" I tried to but the pain in my crotch from the large steel dildo was intense. "There you are ready. Now is the time to remove the hood, but unless you are sucking me off, the gag will always be worn."

The hood was removed for the first time since I was kidnapped. I was standing in front of a full length mirror encased in a full body chastity belt. As I didn't have the boots on. I tried to run but the pain was too bad. "Get used to it, you are my slave now. This chastity belt cannot be removed unless I wish it. It is electronically tagged so I know were you are at all times and it had a very severe electro stimulation device which will stop you in your tracks. Understand?

Yes I replied meekly, I couldn't even walk never mind argue.

I could perform all bodily functions with the belt on and slowly my body adjusted to the inflexible dildo held tightly between my legs.

During the day I was made to wear a variety of latex clothing, predominantly mini dresses and stockings always with the gag in place and my feet bound in high- heeled boots or shoes. Fetters were always in place and the restriction on my movement (as if the belt wasn't bad enough) depended on how well I performed the previous night when he removed my belt to have sex. We always sat for lunch and this was the only time the gag was removed. Talking was forbidden, but eventually he relaxed and allowed me to have wine with the meal. Bedtime always meant that I must return to the full body rubber suit. I am now allowed to sleep on his bed but my arms and legs are always chained.

The house is now my prison; the garden has a very high wall around it. Barbed wire and state of the art security system ensure escaping is not an option.

One day he said "Come here. You are almost fully trained now. I have a reward for you!" A latex hood was placed over my head and I was dragged by a leash attached to my collar After what seemed an eternity as the fetters around my feet today only allowed small steps we finally stopped walking. The hood was roughly removed. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. I could not believe it, there was a brand new R1 motorcycle, painted a very feminine pink with matching racing leathers. I turned to face him not knowing what to say.

"I have the keys to your freedom" he said, chastity belt keys in one hand, bike keys in the other. The bulge in his trousers meant that I was going to make a really big effort from now on to earn it

I am free! Well as much as I can hope for. I am allowed to ride the motorcycle but it is very uncomfortable with the chastity belt in place, the leathers conceal it very well though. I have twice made a break for freedom, but he was right about the electro- stimulation. The electric shock through the dildo was excruciating painful. He was also correct in that he could track my every movement and always knew who approached me, small electric shocks warning me not to speak. It is easier to return to him as there is no way I can get this wretched belt off and I any way after all this time held captive, would miss being restrained in rubber and steel for my master's pleasure.

Pulling a wheelie on the bike or breaking the speed limit are now things of the past. I just cannot risk being stopped by the police. How could I explain the steel prison encasing my body?

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