my wife

I finally did it. We had met on the Internet in a kinky chat room. We would exchange fantasies and sub/dom ideas together. It had always been for fun, but now we were going through with it. Months of communication via the computer had led us to discover we only lived 30 miles apart. Here I was about to knock on the door of the motel room, which held my mistress.

My mouth was dry; my legs wobbled a little as I walked up to the door. I had followed her instruction to the letter. Shaved my pubic hair and placed a 10ga ring in my penis in a "Prince Albert" piercing. I had longed for this moment for months, but now.

What would I say? What would she look like? What if it was a man? I am a 32-year- old married man. I love my wife. We have great sex, she is a gorgeous woman. I don't know what drove me to here. I just have this overwhelming desire to have sex with a strong beautiful, dominant woman. I stood still facing the door. My heart raced skipping beats. I felt it was going to pound out of my chest.

A sudden hollow knock shook me from my trance. I stared in disbelief as I lowered my hand. I had knocked; my subconscious had taken over and knocked for me. An incredible fear flushed my body I was about to turn and run when the door opened.

Standing in front of me was the most beautiful woman I had even seen. She had long brownish blonde hair. She was wearing a brown leather corset, matching shoulder length gloves and black pantyhose with hi-heel shoes. Her huge firm breast stood out and tiny gold rings dangled from each nipple. Her pussy was also shaven and a gold ring was just visible among the folds of skin.

I stood quiet, speechless as she reached a gloved hand and grasped my tie. She tugged me firmly into the room and closed the door behind us. "You just going to gawk all day"? She asked. Ahh I, well I Ah. You look just like you picture I finally managed verbalize. "Yes you look like your picture as well." Before I could speak another word she grasped my head in her leather encased hands and kissed me deeply on the lips. I could feel her rock up on her toes for a better angle as she probed her tongue into my mouth and pressed her firm body against me.

I could feel the blood pumping into my now throbbing manhood. We had been together about 30 sec give or take and already I wanted her with every ounce of my being. I placed my hands on her hips just where the corset squeezed her in and made her bulge. I slid my hand behind her back and pressed her firmly to me. We kissed for several minutes. The rose taste of her lipstick and the scent of her perfume, and leather were driving me wild. I almost came in my pants. I could feel the PA piercing digging into my pants as I grew in size. The pain it created forced me to adjust its position.

She gave a slight giggle as she opened her eyes. "There is plenty of time for that, we'll have to bind those hands if they can't leave that alone" She warned. "I just needed to adjust, I mean the piercing was uncomfortable. I'm sorry" I apologized. "Your only thought should be of my comfort and pleasure. I am your mistress remember. Now get undressed. I want to inspect the merchandise." She ordered as she flipped her hair and walked into the bathroom.

I quickly complied tearing my clothes off, barely unbuttoning my shirt. I was completely naked in a matter of seconds awaiting my next command. I didn't have to wait long. "Pull back the covers. Put the gag in your mouth then lock yourself spread eagle with the cuffs." My heart was suddenly pounding violently again. I slowly pulled back the bedspread to reveal a bright red head-harness ball gag and four steel cuffs attached by chain to the bed. I picked up one of the cuff and gave a tug. The chain pulled tight and disappeared over the side of the bed. A quick glance I realized they were locked to the bed frame with another cuff on the other end. "Well" She demanded, "I haven't heard those cuffs close yet".

I could hear the slight tinkle sound of her peeing coming from the bathroom. I wanted to go in the bathroom and watch her pee, but I followed her instruction instead. I put the ball into my mouth and closed the snap connector. It fit very tight but not uncomfortably. Next I laid flat on the bed and squirmed into position to reach the cuffs. I could feel the cold steel against my legs as I stretched out in bed. Sitting up I slipped the cuff around my ankle then ratcheted it closed. Then did the same with the other leg. My legs were held wide apart I could still move them further apart but only so close together. I laid my head on the pillow put a cuff around my left wrist and ratcheted it closed. I was fumbling with my last free hand when she came back into the room.

"Here let me help you with that" She said as she squeezed it closed until the metal just began to dig into my skin. She then went around and tightened all the cuffs the same way. I had purposely left them loose enough I could probably have slipped out in a pinch. So much for that idea. I watched her from my awkward position as she moved around the bed. Then sitting on the edge she slowly caressed my once again hardened penis. She grasped the bead of my PA piercing and pulled tugging my penis straight up, and laughed, as my eyes got wider.

"Very nice" she said in a patronizing voice. She climbed on top of me and positioned herself to give me a blowjob, but instead she talked to my penis while licking the shaft. "What a pretty penis you are, its such a shame someone poked a ring through you. I'll bet that really hurt." She said consoling my penis as she bit the ring in her teeth and pulled it again. She took me into her mouth, running her head up and down making gurgling sounds as she stroked my with her mouth. I was just about to cum when she suddenly stopped.

"No, No not today little friend, I'm sorry to say but it may be a long time for you." My heart sunk at the words. I mouthed into the gag, what are you talking about? But she ignored me she licked my softening penis again bobbing up and down on it until I was contracting again, almost ready to cum. She continued this for what seemed an eternity. I would have been annoyed but hell a beautiful sexy woman wearing only a little leather was sucking on my dick what could I be annoyed about? It would have been nice to cum though.

She stopped finally, climbed on top of me and replaced her mouth with her sex. I could feel the hot slimy void envelop my penis. Each ring of her fibrous vagina bumped my piercing as she eased down on to me. The pain was indescribably good. I eased back on the pillow moaning softly into the gag making tiny cooing sounds like a dove. She bobbed up and down a few times never fast enough or long enough to cause me to come, just enough to keep me on the edge begging for more. She leaned forward kissing the gag in my mouth licking it with her tongue. I feverishly worked my tongue on the other side of the gag. Her long hair hung over my face I drank in her scent and the scent of her mousse. She suddenly stopped raised up off of me, jumped onto the floor and walked to the door. The breeze she kicked up was cold against my saliva and pussy juice covered dick. She opened the door and motioned with her arm for someone to come. My heart was really racing now. What the hell was she doing? Who was she calling? Oh shit I thought tugging at the cuffs not wanting to show how totally freaked out I was.

She closed the door still holding the knob in both hands behind her back she bent forward slightly smiling at me. She was soooo sexy her body was gorgeous. Her tits hanging there bobbing slightly begging to be touched. I forgot my fear my dick hardened again just think about how great it would be to be inside her hot slimy slit. I long to touch her to smell her hair in face, to feel her body pressing me under her weight as I impaled her on myself.

My daydream didn't last long. A soft knock and mistress released one hand from behind her. Hiding behind the door, she opened and a beautiful black nylon cover calf eased into the room. Mistress hid the person it was attached to. It was definitely a female - I could see her curly long brunette hair and slender shoulder inside a full-length leather coat, as her and mistress kissed. My heart raced - it was another woman. I could not believe my good fortune! Here I was bound spread eagle in a king-size bed. The obvious sex toy of two beautiful sexy women. I must be dreaming, please no one wake me.

My sense of overwhelming joy was short lived. As I gazed dreamily at the two goddesses kissing in the doorway. Mistress's firm ass tightening and releasing as she rocked up on her toes kissing the other woman. Her hot pink slit glistening from between her butt cheeks. The tiny gold ring hanging in its enviable position from her clit. I rested my head on the pillow squirming my tongue against the drool cover ball in my mouth. My little solder standing at attention his silver ring and dark gray shiny bead gleaming just waiting to join the party.

The other woman finally entered the room, bent forward and laid a large box on the floor. Her brunette hair hung forward covering her face as she straightened up. Mistress closed the door then came over to me and bounced on the bed in a playful sort of "look what I got" way. The other woman lumbered over to the bed in her full-length leather coat. My eyes were fixed on the slit in the front of the coat. It was tied at her waist not buttoned. Her black nylon covered legs disappeared into the leather of the coat and flashed as each step opened the slit revealing the naked contents inside.

She suddenly cleared her throat I was still mesmerized by the motion of the leather against those gorgeous shiny nylon encased legs. A little precum was bubbling from my pulsating dick like a tiny volcano ready to blow at any moment. When she cleared her throat again. I looked up at her face, as she was now only 5 or 6 feet away. My heart stopped. The second woman the beautiful goddess ready to do God only knows what with me, WAS MY WIFE!

My eyes were wide ready to pop out of their sockets. My heart was still stopped my attentive little solder ready to be with me till the end was nowhere to be found. Only the stainless steel ring and bead kept it from retracting completely inside me. I ranted into the gag desperately trying to explain. Explain! What was there to explain? I was buck-naked chained spread eagle in a motel room bed with a half naked woman whose red lip prints were on my dick. Who was I kidding how could I possibly explain?

I abandoned the explanation idea and went straight for anger. I gave the meanest look I could possibly make with a big red rubber ball in my mouth and demanded she release me immediately. "Save it" was all she said. She grabbed the belt holding the ball in my mouth and gave a tug verify it was in good enough. Then she turned her attention to the traitor solder trying to hide in my hairless crouch. "Nice ring" she said as she thumped it with a leather-covered finger. A twang of pain shot through my penis and disappeared some where in my abdomen. It felt like I had to pee a gallon. I protested into my gag but she grasped the ring and threatened to pull it out without opening it.

Needless to say, I didn't have too much more to say at that point. My wife removed her coat and handed it to mistress. She was wearing a red satin teddy and black nylons with hi-heels. What an incredibly beautiful woman I thought. What was I doing here with someone else? I didn't have long to ponder the meaning of life. "Tara" my wife called to mistress. Bring the box. Mistress.. I mean Tara laid Emily's (that my wife) coat on the chair and picked up the box. Emily fished in the box and pulled out a shiny wad of metal. "You know what this is cutie pie?" she said to me. UmmUm was all I could muster. I had a sinking feeling I was about to find out.

Emily and Tara fiddled with the device for several minutes then demonstrating for me. Emily took a cucumber placed it between to pieces of steel that closed like a stock around it. Then she fit the closed metal into the waistband. Now watch what happens if you let the tension off of the back of the belt. A snip sound echoed in the room and the cucumber cut cleanly in half dropped to the floor. Emily looked at me with the most evil look I have ever seen." It was even more evil than the time a made a joke about her mother. Got the Idea?" was all she said.

Tara straddled my legs again this time holding the belt. "Lift your butt up" my wife ordered. I shook my head back and forth in a last ditch attempt at defiance. Emily grasped the ring in my pierced friend and tugged it very high. I quickly buried my heels in the bed and rose up to relieve the tension on my very sore dick. Tara seizing the opportunity slipped the belt under my rear and around my waist. Emily held my balls and dick up while Tara closed the steel stock around the truck of my manhood. The stock fit tight against my abdomen and closed encircling the skin that held my balls and dick to my body. The cucumber demonstration now held new significance.

I watched in terror as the two lovely women first locked the belt around my waist then locked the stock down to the waistband. My manhood now stood out from my body peering through the steel stock, which once held a cucumber. Emily nimbly popped the bead from the ring and slid the ring rather forcibly from my penis. Another twinge of pain shot through me.

I didn't have long to dwell on the pain as a metal clip attached to a cable was inserted into the piercing and closed. Emily now held my penis suspended by the cable, and threaded the end into a silver tube. She pushed the tube down and pulled the cable in my penis rocking the tube back and forth until my penis was complete sleeved in the tube with only the tip of my penis showing from the tube. Then she removed the clip and cable from my penis. The end of the tube was tapered to a small hole I could just see the pee hole of my penis through the end of the tube. Emily feed the shackle of a shiny silver lock through the hole in the tube through my pee hole and wormed it around until the shackle exited my penis and the tube on the backside of the tube. Then she closed the lock. Now I realized what the Prince Albert was for and why the 10ga piercing. As if the pain from the insertion of the lock wasn't bad enough she pulled on the lock to verify it was completely closed.

My penis and balls rested against the steel stock they were inserted through. I panted into the gag finally getting over the pain I had just endured. Emily fished in the box again and pulled out a shiny steel plate as long as the stock but with a bulge in the middle. One end was curved around like a hook. She pushed it down in my crotch then pulled it up. I could feel the waistband tug down in the back as she pulled the plate up in the front. Then she slid a track on the tube that encased my penis into a slot on the inside of the front plate and pushed until it mated with the waistband in the front. Tara held the assembly closed while Emily twisted a round cylinder around pushing it in until it snapped into place.

The two grinned at each other while Tara tugged at the waistband. The whole thing was very tight around my waist and in the crack of my ass. I hadn't noticed but a metal bar went up the back between my cheeks. Now just one more little thing my wife said as she fitted a 1" steel collar around my neck and locked it closed. Then the two climbed into the bed next to me, assumed a 69 position and delighted each other while I drooled. Literally.

That was 8 months ago. Tara has since moved in with us. She and my wife quit their jobs. We all sleep together in a king-sized waterbed. Not that I get much sleep with two naked goddesses in the bed with me. They like to hug and cuddle me all night. Tara likes to squirm her sex on my thigh until she cums.

I work full time days still. Tara wears a latex French maids outfit during the day. It has an ultra short skirt, fishnet stockings and locking hi-heel shoes. She services Mistress Emily during the day. When I get home I put on my neoprene upper female torso. Then I don the dress Tara has worn all day. Fishnets and all. Then a cute little blonde wig and latex maids bonnet. Tara's sweat and scent in the dress is very erotic, and keeps me constantly aroused. I do the cooking the cleaning the laundry as well as provide manicures, pedicures and service the girls all evening.

I took a 1-week course for vacation last summer. The three of us went to Mexico. I attended beauty school as a female while my wife and Tara sunned on the beach. At night we would go out as three girls on the town dressed as slutty as possible. Emily loved to see the guys come on to me.

Incase you have not figured it out my wife Emily is the real Mistress, Tara and I are her slaves. Did I forget to mention Tara also wears a CB not continuously like me but much of the time? Emily got upset that Tara made me eat her every chance she got. Not that I minded but it is still fun to see Tara also belted and deprived. She looks really sexy with the shiny stainless belt and the tight ass chains. Contrasted against her dark tan skin. Mistress Emily makes her wear the belt with both plugs in sometimes. Tara gets so horny she almost bursts. It's very humorous to see her walking around with the plugs dancing in her rectum and sex. I like the way her juices ooze out and run down her leg.

I still think Tara is very sexy; the little gold ring in her clit is a job I would love. Tara and I both have our nipples, navel and tongues pierced now. For Tara's birthday Mistress attached my tongue ring to Tara's clit ring with a little chain. We spent the whole night that way. Tara' came countless times. She said it was her best birthday yet.

Mistress will occasionally unlock Tara's and my belt. The game is we can stay unbelted until one of us cums. I usually cum while Tara is removing the tube from my penis. Needless to say she gets very upset with me. I always try to control myself but the anticipation always proves too much for me.

The cucumber from Emily demonstration sits on the mantel over the fireplace in a jar of alcohol. I have never attempted to cut the belt or defeat the lock for fear my manhood would replace the cucumber in the jar.

Ironically I got myself into this wanting to have sex with a beautiful, sexy, dominant woman. The funny thing is, I already had, I just didn't know it. I pay more attention to her now then I ever have before. I eat her pussy several times a day. We actually have a stronger sex life than ever before. I think men must actually need to be controlled. Oh well, I have to go get Emily's bath ready, if I'm lucky she'll let Tara and I bathe with her.

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