a third party

My wife, Gina, is a tall redhead with long sculpted legs. Her body is to die for. She's naturally domineering, which is a pity, because I'm naturally domineering as well. She's a banker and I'm a lawyer and our characters and professions demand that each of us be "A" type personalities. Neither of us takes well to being told what to do. This has caused some problems in our life. Especially with our sex life - each of us wants to top the other. It's caused problems, but we've figured out how to satisfy our mutual needs to control the other.

In the first few years of our marriage this wasn't a problem. We would switch and take turns, but as we got older and became more aware of our proclivities and tastes this became a problem. We still had great sex but our need to be the dominant partner in bed caused problems and fights that were sometimes quite spirited. Gina, if she doesn't get her way, gets bitchy. If I'm crossed I get a lot worse than "bitchy."

Our problem came to a head one day when I was playing the bottom. Gina tied me down and was teasing me with long slow strokes over my cock, bringing me to the edge of climaxing and then pulling her hand away, laughing and teasing me about my in voluntary jerking.

"I'm going to keep you like this forever," she said. "I'm not letting you up until you promise to be my sex slave and my sex slave alone." She informed me that she needed to be the one in charge and that she just didn't want to switch anymore.

"No," I said, "I need to have my time on top as well."

"Oh? Well, maybe then I won't let you cum tonight, or any other night."

"Gina.." I shifted my weight so I could look at her. In the meantime she gathered my balls in her hand and started rolling them. This made my rod stiffen. "Gina, I just can't be your sex toy all the time."

"We'll see about that."

She then leaned down and took my member into her mouth and sucked me up and down, slowly, while she fondled my jewels. It felt wonderful. Gina's always been great at giving head. I was just getting that feeling that preceded the point of no return when she stopped and started kissing my crotch area.

"Didn't that feel good?" she cooed to me. "Don't you want some more. Say you'll be my slave, and my slave only, and I'll let you cum in me." Her hand moved up and down on my shaft.

I was weakening. I probably would have said yes eventually if I was a weaker man, but I said, "No."

Gina grabbed my member and squeezed. She gave me about twenty quick pumps and then let go. She waited and watched my torment, then pumped some more. Eventually, she put her fore finger and her thumb together and started a slow almost imperceptible slide up and down. In no time my hips started bucking, not because I was about to shoot my load but I was frantically searching for that little extra friction that Gina denied me.

"Please, Gina, Please1" I said.

"Stop your bucking!" She withdrew her hand and flicked her finger hard against my cock as a warning not to move. Then she grabbed me again. Then she started her manipulations. "Be my slave and I'll keep this up," Again her stroking was only with the barest touch, almost not enough to feel. It was almost as if her hand was not touching me and the only sensation I had was of the heat her fingers gave off as they passed a hair's breadth from my oversensitive skin. "Tell me that you will obey me and be my slave forever, darling, and I will give you the best sex of your life."


With that she stopped and asked me if that was my final answer.

"I'll never let you cum again, ever!" Again she grabbed me, just on the glands this time with three fingers and manipulated the head. "That's a pity. Because I've made up my mind." She smiled at me. "I'll put you into the most secure chastity belt that you'll ever see and I'll keep you as my prisoner!"

Gina is always buying toys and we had bought chastity belts for each other in the past. But the one she had bought for me was plastic and not very sturdy. I could have cut through that one in no time. I told her I would if she didn't let me out so "Mr. Happy and the Boyz," could have their fun.

I suspected she had a new chastity belt - and I was right, she did. She pulled out a metal tube and showed it to me. "You see, your prick goes in here, and it's head sticks out here, just like your other one, but this is a much more beefy device. You won't get out of this one, unless I let you out." She smiled down at me. "And I'm not going to let you out until you are my little sex slave." She explained the belt to me. "It's probably going to be a problem to wear, it's so heavy, but that's your problem. It's also got this collar that's going to go around your nuts. There's also an optional band that can separate your little balls into two little packaged for me to play with. That will also make it easier to me to put weights on your nuts." She leaned down and told me how much fun it was going to be to have me locked up for her pleasure. "But, you can see it's bent. Your dick can't be like it is right now. It's too stiff and swollen. We'll have to wait for you to get soft. And for that I don't think you can see me like this, all naked and sexy, that will just make you horny. So, we'll put this on you." She pulled out a blindfold and bound it over my eyes.

"Well, I'm going to leave you here for a little while I go do some things." She mouthed my cock one more time with that great mouth of her but it was only for a second and I heard her leave the room and heard her moving around the house. The anticipation was excruciating. The thought of her imprisoning me was exciting and still after fifteen minutes my wood hadn't softened. Then I heard Gina come into the room.

"I'll say this for you love, you have staying power." One on her hand cupped my nuts and gave then a light squeeze and then rolled them around. She then manipulated my nuts through what felt to be a ring. "This is the one of the collars of your new chastity device. I hope it doesn't feel too cold. I put them in the freezer to assist in getting you down to size." The next thing I would feel was Gina's mouth sliding down over my wood. Then, almost as quickly as she slid down she slid up. I thought this was more of the tease and waited for that lovely tongue to envelope my rod again. What I got instead as a shock as she put an ice bag over my groin. Within a minute I had deflated. I then felt her loop another collar around my nuts, but this one rode higher. "This is for the tube to connect to, it doesn't look very comfortable, but I think that's entirely the point is it?" Gina gave my cock a tug to underscore her little joke.

Finally she put the tube over my cock. She married the parts together. I could feel her tightening something and the three parts of the device started to feel more solid. I later learned that these were bolts she tightened with an Allen wrench. After she was done she placed a cover over that would lock in place. "This is the part I like best. This cover locks on and you wont be able to access the bolts. Of course, you won't have a key."

Then I felt a click and it was on.

"There's a little surprise to this cock tube. I think you can feel it." She reached down and rubbed her thumb over the head of my cock that protruded from the end of the tube. I stiffened a little and could feel the barbs circling the end of the tube. "These little nubs are blunted because we don't want to hurt you but if you get hard they will make you more uncomfortable than you would be otherwise."

Gina then took off my blindfold and kissed me. After a few moment of rolling her tongue over and into my mouth she informed me that I was to service her twat and that I better do a good job. She turned around and sat on my face.

Gina's training started immediately. I was to call her "Mistress," at all times and put her comfort above mine. I was to draw her bath, dress her, give her foot massages when she came home and lick her out, sometimes several times a day. I was also to do all the chores, except cooking. Gina's a great cook and I'm not, but I did have to play the roll of her "scullery slave."

She played her game of Mistress of the Manor for a couple weeks. But by the end of the second week I was getting frantic. I hadn't has this much of a dry spell in years.

While we were in bed at the end of the second week I asked when we were going to make love again, I was ready for it. She sat in bed applying her moisturizing cream smiling at me. "Not until I say so, Dan. You should have given yourself to me freely and until you do so you won't come inside of me, and then only when I want you to." She said that my asking her for sex was disrespectful and that it was going to cost me. "You'll be chaste for at least another month before I will even consider letting you out of your belt." She giggled. "But I am in need of a good licking, Mon Cheri." She laid back and spread her legs and then pressed my face against her very wet pussy.

I had to do something. Enough is enough. I took a day off of work and went to a home improvement store and bought a rotary tool with a metal cutting blade. It was delicate work, but within a couple of hours the chastity belt was off. I then laid in wait for Gina. I was determined to get even.

When Gina came home she didn't notice that I had managed to escape the chastity belt. She went to the big chair in the front room sat down and spread her legs. "Slave, you know what to do." She closed her eyes and moved her hips up so I could pull off her pantyhose. I fingered her first making sure she was wet and receptive. I gave her a few more licks and then when she was moaning unzipped and unleashed my boner. It had been a long time for him and he was raging and ready.

Just when she was getting close to her orgasm I made my move. I grabbed Gina by the hips and dropped her onto the floor. I then pinned her down and rammed her with my horn.

The look on her face was one of surprise and shock and then ultimately of pleasure. After she climaxed. She demanded I tell her how I got out, but I wasn't in the mood. I wasn't spent yet. Then Gina was furious. "How did you get out?"

"I don't want to talk about how I got out. I'm busy screwing, and don't want to be interupted." I said. And I wasn't going to be interrupted. I exited her because I wanted her in a better position for me. I told her to get up and get on all fours. "Do it! Turn around!" She got up onto her kneed and tried to back away, but her imperious air was lessening quite a bit. She knew better than to disobey me. "Don't back away from me." She stammered something. "Don't talk. Just shut up and turn around." I moved around to her back and pushed her forward till her chest was on the floor. I took her wrist and pulled her arm around the small of her back. I pushed her over to the table and told her to give me her other arm. I crossed her wrists and tied her hands behind her back with a hank of clothesline that I had cut and stashed in the coffee table drawer. "Now, for the blindfold and ball gag." I then put the same blindfold over her eyes that she placed over my eyes and fitted the ball gag over her mouth. Then for good measure I tied her legs to the coffee table legs and looped several turns of the clothesline around her torso so she was immobile and open to me.

I had a little surprise for Gina. She had denied me an orgasm for two weeks and I was determined to prevent her from cumming as I had my fun. I have a friend who is a physician and he let me have a tube of anesthetizing cream. I told him I needed something to dull the pain from a blister when I was running. He gave me a prescription and I knew if I put a little of this over Gina's pud and worked it in she wouldn't get enough feeling to make it to the top of her cum.

I carefully massaged it over her clitoris and waited for her response, which was dramatic. She writhed and grunted, but I didn't let her out. "Now, Gina, you're going to know what not cumming is like."

I took her like an animal. We didn't make love that afternoon -- it was a wild mating. I did her and then waited to recuperate and then did her again. Since she had treated me like a slave for the last couple of weeks I decided to treat her like a piece of furniture for a few hours. I put my feet up on her and read the paper, used her for a coffee table and as a place to set my beer. "Don't move around much because I don't want you to spill my beer. Or else."

Halfway through the evening I plugged her with a vibrating but plug and added a vibrator to her cunt. When it looked like she might be closing in on an orgasm I reapplied the cream and I turned the vibrators off. She come close a couple of times but never let her go over the edge that night. Before bedtime I decided to give her my last surprise for the evening.

"You remember that ice pack you put on me a couple of weeks ago?" I asked. Gina raised her head and nodded. "Well, I have a little surprise for you." I removed the vibrators from her ass and cunt and fingered her. She gave a little moan and tried to buck back onto my hand but I just gave her a shape slap on the cheeks for her troubles.

Earlier that day I had taken one of my condoms and filled it with water and froze it. It was hard, thick, cold and ready to use. I wrapped it in a dishtowel so I had a better grip on it and went to work on Gina.

I slid the ice across he clitoris and lips and around her cunt. Her reaction was to move but I stopped that with a little pinch of her cunt lips. "Don't move, Gina. You know you have this coming." I gave her another sharp slap and continued until her entire cunt was chilled.

At about eleven that night I stopped the torment and untied her.

"God damn it, I'm horny!" she said as she pounced on me. We wrestled each other's clothes off, or what was left on us, and fucked liked stars but due to the residual effect of the cream I was the only one that managed to orgasm.

After we were done she asked what were going to do about our `problem." What problem, I asked.

"I really need to be dominant and you really need to be dominant. So what do we do?" The answer was simple we would get a third party, a true submissive for the both of us.

We thought about advertising in a paper, but decided against it. We decided that it had to be someone we liked and that we should just be patient.

One night we were at a Pizzeria and after we were done eat decided to hang around the bar and have a couple of drinks. The bartender was a beautiful Latina who was funny and warm and interesting. It seemed she was coming over to us and chatting more than with the other customers. I noted this to Gina. "I notice that, too." The next time the bartender came over Gina asked her name. It was Isabel.

"Isabel, you're a nice girl, would you like to get together sometime?" Gina asked. Isabel said she would and we gave exchanged telephone numbers.

That next weekend we met Isabel and went to a restaurant. She was new to the area and hadn't really met that many people. She didn't have lover or a boyfriend, which was a little hard to believe because she was so beautiful. She had long black hair that came to the small of her back. She was trim and had wonderful olive skin. She also had a great face with dark eyes. She had been married before but it didn't work out and she was now looking to find herself, make some new friends and enjoy life.

After a couple more dates, going to movies together and hanging around at one of our favorite bars, Gina asked her back to our place and Isabel leapt at the opportunity.

Back at our house Gina made drinks while Isabel and I got comfortable on the sofa. When Gina came back she sat on the opposite side of Isabel so our guest was sandwiched between us. Isabel seemed very comfortable with the arrangement. We talked for a while and really hit it off. Gina started giving Isabel a neck rub. "Ahh, that feels so good," Isabel cooed and shifted closer. Gina shifted Isabel on the sofa so she was leaning up against Gina with her legs draped over my legs. I started massaging her calves and thighs. "Oh god that feels wonderful."

Gina stopped massaging Isabel's neck and reached around her front and felt her tits. "I want to do some things to you," Gina whispered into Isabel's ear as she nuzzled her. Isabel showed that she agreed by arching her back and moaning.

We made love that night and many nights after that while watching to see if Isabel might be submissive and she was. Isabel was definitely a possibility for our plans. Gina and I decided that it was time to test Isabel.

We had started getting undressed and I stepping behind Isabel held her arms up while Gina fondled our Latina's breasts and front while given her light kisses across her neck and face. Gina pulled Isabel's pullover up and just past her head then stopped - this left Isabel's arms trapped above her in her pullover. Isabel tried to pull her arms out but I held them and Gina closed in for a soulful kiss. After Gina pulled away she said, "No, don't. Let me and Dan do the work." Isabel smiled and said, "Okay."

We then shifted Isabel to the bed where I took over the kissing duties and holding her secure while Gina took of her pants and started mouthing the Isabel's clit.

Gina licked Isabel nearly to the point of climax and then pulled away. Isabel tried to raise her hips to meet Gina's mouth but I held her firm and smothered her will a big wet kiss to which she responded. Gina attacked her cunt again with her cunt but stopped as soon as Isabel responded.

"Please," Isabel moaned, "please, do me!" Isabel was nearly gasping. "Please, please, please." I held Isabel gently and firmly while Gina lightly nibbled around Isabel's clit. I warned Isabel about moving her hips." Let Gina do the work." But Isabel couldn't stop moving her pelvis to get some extra friction between her pleasure spot and Gina's tongue.

"Do what Dan says, Isabel, or I'll have to stop and punish you. I like to concentrate when giving head and don't want a moving target." Isabel settled down for a couple of moments, but Gina's slow deliberate cunnlingus drove Isabel to distraction and soon her hips were bouncing on the bed. "If you don't stop moving I'll stop and you wouldn't like that, would you?"

After a few minutes of this torture of withholding Isabel's orgasm Gina rose up and lay down beside Isabel. Gina leaned down and gave Isabel a long wet kiss while reaching down and penetrating her twat with a finger. I rolled Isabel's nipples and kissed her neck.

"Isabel. Dan, told you not to wiggle and you wiggled." Gina said in a mockingly sententious and sexy voice. "Now you're going to be punished." Isabel responded by leaning up to kiss Gina hard on the mouth and grind against her finger.

"Punished? For moving? How?" Isabel asked.

"You're going to learn to obey. You're going to have to learn your not to grind against me or come unless I want you to come. Do you understand?" Isabel wanted to continue kissing and tried to reach Gina and when Gina pulled back turned to me. Gina reached up and grabbed Isabel's hair and gently pulled her head down onto the pillow. "Do you understand --you're not to come unless I want you to!"

Isabel just moaned and cooed that she needed to be done. At that point Gina got up and got the chastity belt I bought for her. It was leather with a wide waist belt. The crotch plate was thick at first then tapered to an adjustable leather belt that was locked in the back of the belt. The belt also had a number of "D" rings that hand and legs and other "things" could be tied to.

"This is your punishment, Isabel." Gina said. "Until you can behave yourself and learn to do as you're told you're going to wear this chastity belt." Isabel looked a little shocked, but didn't complain.

"I won't move, Gina, I won't. Please." Isabel pulled her legs up to prevent Gina from putting on the belt. "I'll let you do what you want. Please lick me."

"I don't believe you, Isabel." but Gina firmly tugged one leg down and then the other and placed the belt on our little submissive. "Now lift your hips." Gina then pulled the belt over her hips and had Isabel roll over. We adjusted the belt and after we were done looked at our handiwork. "That looks pretty good." Gina said.

"What now?" Isabel asked. She was clearly excited and was undoubtedly hoping to do something for us that would get her out of the belt as quickly as possible.

"Well, you obviously need to know what's expected of you. So you'll begin your training. Go ahead and lie down." Isabel did this and Gina straddled her face. "Now, my cunt needs a good cleaning, and if you do it right you just get out of that belt. And I'll show you how not to wiggle you hips. Dan, go ahead and do me from behind."

As I fucked my wife, Isabel worked furiously on Gina's cunt it was no time before Gina tensed and yelled out as she had a convulsive orgasm. I followed a few seconds later. We both slid off of Isabel who still lay excited and unsatisfied. "Now, me," she pleaded.

"No. You didn't do that good of a job, you need more practice." Gina leaned down and looked into Isabel's eyes. "Your punishment is going to last all weekend. You're not to going to be let out of that belt until your cunny licking technique improves. Give me a few minutes and I'll have that tongue start it's training again."

Isabel started rubbing herself through the chastity belt and was warned that she wasn't to do that. "If you do that, it's going to stay on a lot longer," I said. Isabel, reluctantly, she stopped.

For most of that weekend Isabel was between Gina's legs. Gina would lay back in the large recliner in the front room while Isabel, wearing her chastity belt, sat on the floor dutifully servicing Gina. While doing this Isabel was blindfolded with her hands handcuffed behind her back. "You have to learn how to do it right and that means by your mouth only."

Gina made sure that there was something "wrong" with Isabel's technique or manner.

Also, as part of the punishment all of Isabel's bodily function were controlled. She could only eat what we told her to eat, and she had to acknowledge us each time she entered a room. She also had to ask permission to use the bathroom. Once in the middle of what Gina as calling "Isabel's Lessons" Isabel asked permission to go to the bathroom. "No, Isabel. You must finish what you are doing before you can go. You have to learn to concentrate on the task at hand, which is to give me pleasure. Once you are done then I may let you go." Isabel lapped Gina's cunt for almost an hour before Gina relented and let the poor girl relieve herself.

Finally, after two days Isabel had given Gina ten orgasms and several to myself. "Well, I think you're doing better, so I think we'll allow you a good cum." Gina undid the chastity belt, but before getting it all the way off held Isabel close to her and whispered in ear, "If you're not obedient it will go right back on." Isabel nodded her agreement and kissed Gina hungrily on the mouth. "You two go into the bedroom while I get ready."

I led Isabel into the bedroom and placed her leaning up against me sitting away from me. I gently held Isabel next to me telling her how beautiful she looked. I also told her that she needed to be obedient if she wanted that orgasm she wanted. "I'll be good." We kissed until my wife came in.

Gina had a new toy; a huge strap-on was sticking out from her pelvis. "Now, spread your legs."

Isabel spread her legs. Gina sat down beside her. "Before we go any further Isabel we need to talk and come to an agreement."

"Isabel, Dan and I would like to have you as our play thing - permanently or at least as long as you want to be with us. We both really like you and feel you're a wonderful woman. But we need you to be obedient, and do what we say and be our little slave girl. Otherwise.." Gina bent down and Frenched Isabel for a few seconds while I reached down and felt the wettest cunt I had ever touched. After their kiss Gina continued. "Otherwise, it won't work. We need to be in charge.me more so than Dan. " Gina reached down and slipped her index finger into Isabel's steaming pussy. She worked the finger back and forth a few times. When Isabel gave a low moan Gina withdrew and pressed her finger to the poor girls lips. Isabel opened her mouth and sucked on Gina's finger as my wife continued. "Before you speak I want you to know something. If you say `yes,' you can stay our lover for as long as you like, but if you say, `no,' you'll have to leave, right now. No second chances. Yes or no?"

Without hesitation Isabel said, "Yes!" Gina and Isabel kissed. "Then prepare to get fucked."

Gina mounted Isabel and started a slow gentle movement that Isabel matched. After a few minutes Gina was pounding Isabel with the step-on and Isabel was in the throes of one of the most violent orgasms I had ever seen. After Gina was done I mounted Isabel and screwed her for all I was worth.

Gina is better at training Isabel than I am. She is the more deliberative one. She gets to what makes Isabel tick and uses that to make her more dependent on us. Isabel is required to keep a journal of her fantasies and a list of all the things that turn her on. Isabel reads these and gets ideas about how to humiliate Isabel and bend her will.

Chastity has been a very effective training tool for Isabel. We ordered a belt for her that is much more secure for her. She probably could get out of it if she had access to the tools, but she is forbidden to touch any of the household tools and the belt is checked constantly for signs of tampering. Whenever Isabel leave home she must wear this belt and it's positioning and security can be checked at any time. Her orgasms are rationed and recorded.

After a couple of months Gina and I wondered whether Isabel was getting tired and wanted to change her status. So, we decided to ask her. One evening during dinner Isabel was sitting nude on her haunches beside Gina. Gina was hand-feeding Isabel from her plate as one might a well-heeled spaniel.

"Isabel? Do you want to leave?" Gina explained that she was free to go any time.

"No! No, I love you both and I don't want to leave, ever."

My wife asked if she would be willing to adapt to some changes.

"I can. I can, Mistress. I can adapt."

Gina noted that there would be some changes, as this "degree" of domination couldn't last forever. I was beginning to wonder what she meant. "Because, I'm going to have a baby and we might need to make adjustments. You will need to be not only our little slave girl, but also my child's nanny. Would you like that?"

"Oh, I'd like that very much!"

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