3D printed, custom chastity devices

3D printing is now used for creating custom sized chastity devices. 3D design comes together with state of the art production methods to produce a fully custom chastity device at mass-production prices.

Utilizing either a Prince Albert piercing, a frenum piercing, or both, Evotion cages are truly inescapable short of cutting the device off. Cages that are secured by a cock ring allow the penis to pull back and out. Furthermore, cock ring based devices are prone to pinching and sliding down, placing the weight of the cage on the balls, and pulling against the balls during an erection. However, Evotion cages rest lightly on the back of the glans, or head of the penis, leaving no pressure on the piercing, and yet always staying properly positioned.

The natural texture of the laser sintering process is a very matte, almost velvety texture, which is very comfortable against the skin. It doesn't cling to skin like a glossy finish, promoting airflow and dramatically reducing drying time. Furthermore, the material wears well over time, getting smoother and smoother. The Prince Albert prong is thoroughly hand sanded and buffed on each unit to insure smooth, comfortable insertion and wear. We also give each unit a thin coating of wax which helps to seal it against moisture and make it even smoother to the touch.

The material is nylon, which is safe to wear against the skin. Cleaning is done with soap and a scrub brush. Our cages are strong, slightly flexible, and very resistant to breakage. Because they are 3D printed, there are no seams to break. These cages are truly designed for very long-term use.

Evotion cages are:
- Inescapable
- Lightweight
- Airport ready
- Exercise friendly
- Hygienic
- Well designed and functional
- Easy to put on and take off
- Customisable
- Accessorizable
- Good looking!

Evotion Wearables products are manufactured one at a time, for each client. When you make a purchase with us, you are starting a dialog, there is no "standard" cage that we can fire off. We will discuss your needs and assist you in taking the necessary measurements before designing your cage. Furthermore, your cage will be kept on file so that you can always order additional straps for different locks, or make changes to it's design in the future. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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