dreamlover 2000

"Dream Lover" is a term often used to describe the ideal male: but how many women can claim to actually own such a prized possession?

The ideal male is no longer a dream: with DreamLover products you too can have a Dream Lover. A lover who will do and say everything you want, and nothing you don't; who will learn your preferences and tastes by heart and behave to meet and exceed all your expectations. Around when you want him, ready when you need him, and unintrusive if you don't - without annoying sexual needs, still able to service in any way upon request. A faery tale lover - with down to earth housekeeping skills to match.

The DreamLover 2000 consists of a remote control, a USB interface (the DL2K-LINK) and a body worn receiver unit which is simple to mount on CB3000 and CB6000 chastity devices. The unit is thoroughly tested with the CB3000/6000 but it is possible to connect the DL2000 to many different chastity devices.

The remote control has an elegant black look to it and pink LEDs to indicate its activity. The receiver has a slick, futuristic look and can produce light of any color to indicate its mode of activity. Its size is approximately 70x50x20mm. Its rubber attachment allows optimal positioning. Even when the cage is pushed downwards and rotated to fit better under clothing, the cable system allows the DreamLover 2000 receiver's enclosure to fit snugly against the abdomen.

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