male chastity 'do it yourself' tips

Are you ready to take your first steps into male chastity, but have no idea where to start? Don't worry! Here are some tips and tricks on how you can start making love better than you ever have with this male chastity DIY guide!

You have to make sure that both you and your partner want to pursue chastity. Talk about your goals and why you want to try male chastity. This will make the process alot easier and fun! If you're a male and you want to try male chastity, but your wife isn't. Tell her honestly that you touch yourself alot more than you should, and you think it could be something that you BOTH could benefit from. Girls, you don't want your man to touch himself more than he touches you!

Chastity Belt
What Chastity Belt should I use? The question is easier said than done right? Well, there are a couple different models out there such as the CB-2000, CB-3000, and so on. The CB-2000 is a great starter belt, but the CB-3000 is the most popular. You choose! Do your research, but don't worry to much. After time, your gonna want your man to be in steel, but don't jump that hurdle just yet!

What Next?
Both you and your partner's lives are going to change. As a man, your wife is going to dress sexier, friskier, be more loving, and she's going to tease you so that you're going to want to get out of the belt. For a woman, your husband is going to also be more loving, more generous with daily chores, and will finally be a real man who doesn't play with himself like a little boy!

So, it's been a couple days and your man wants the belt off, and he complains and say's it hurts. Don't listen to him, the chastity belt doesn't hurt. He is just using that as an excuse. As a woman, you are the boss. You say when the belt comes off and on! Remember, the longer the belt is on the better your sexual experience will be when the belt is off.

Belt Off!
As a woman, you've decided that it's time to take off the belt. You are going to find the sexual experience exciting, and both of your climaxes are going to off the charts! Since the man hasn't climaxed in some time, his climax will be much more intense. I've discovered that the longer that the belt is on, the better the sexual experience is! Use this useful male chastity DIY guide and you will be on your way to the best experiences that you've ever had!

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