Rigidcuff 'time release cuffs'

Rigidcuff has announced new 'time release wrist shackles' which will be available in November of 2009. These shackles incorporate a computer programmable key and lock which limits the opening of the shackles to a pre-determined time schedule.

Time release cuffs

You can program these time release cuffs with your own computer. The key only works in specific time slots that you set. The possibilities are endless. These locks will also be available in other styles of my cuffs later. Notice the red light of the key in the photo which indicates that the time is not correct for opening the shackles.

WARNING: These time release shackles are quite real. Playing with time-release bondage - or any type of bondage - can cause possible injury or death. If you play with bondage, do so at your own risk.


see these cuffs 'in action' ?

SeriousImages.com made two great videos (duration about 90 minutes) in which these 'time release cuffs' (and several other great RigidCuffs devices) are demonstrated. Only website members are able to enjoy these great movies.