heavy steel bondage gear

Have a look at their website. You'll find the the best heavy steel collars and cuffs.

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Nice shop with some great steel toys (cuffs, collars and chastity devices).

steel collars and cuffs

For those of you who like (lockable) steel collars we've mad a selection of the best steel collars available.

- steel fetish
- SM-factory
- chastity direct
- devus

SM-factory promotion video

SM Factory is a german company making beautiful steel collars and cuffs. Watch the video to learn more about their products and visit their website if you like what you see.

swiss bondage



bondage - collars & cuffs

Many people with an interest in chastity also have an interest in bondage. Often in an BDSM relationship. That's why we also have a bondage section on our website. Feel free to surf through the information and news sections and read the best stories.